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The Walden Backpack

The most versatile journey companion

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For the great outdoors

The Wilderness backpack is designed with the great outdoors in mind, made to withstand the wet and muddy conditions of the woods and mountains.


inspired by land, proudly made by hands, lifetime guaranteed for you

disappear sewings stands as an alternative to disposable culture and fast fashion. We love to make leather and fabric backpacks and machined accessories as we made them for ourselves, using exceptional materials and an attention to detail you can see, smell and feel.Enduring and iconic, all our products are lifetime garanteed, designed and manufactured in Palermo, Sicily and built for your everyday adventures through the urban or the natural landscape for many years to come.

Disappear comes to life on people.
Movement is at the essence on a quest to balance purpose and landscape.
Disappear is a tool of travel, a natural journey from form to construction.
Moving forward through simple materials and rational design. We build compact spaces for broad distances.