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Good News, we're moving!

Disappear Sewings is going to get bigger. We’re going on a journey to meet new partners, find new materials and suppliers and ultimately grow our business into our long term vision.

During the next few weeks, the online shop will close - Don’t worry, this is only temporary - as Pietro won’t be in the workshop, and since he handcrafts all our backpacks himself, we just cannot guarantee we'll be able to honour any new orders during this period.

If you have already placed an order, rest assured that it will be processed as normal.

We will be back with an announcement as soon as we’re ready to present our new lineup, tell you about our travels and reopen business as usual!


For the great outdoors

The Wilderness backpack is designed with the great outdoors in mind, made to withstand the wet and muddy conditions of the woods and mountains.


The Walden Backpack

The most versatile journey companion

Disappear comes to life on people.
Movement is at the essence on a quest to balance purpose and landscape.
Disappear is a tool of travel, a natural journey from form to construction.
Moving forward through simple materials and rational design. We build compact spaces for broad distances.

Our Inspiration

We base our inspiration around the interaction between humans and the natural landscape. Enjoy our backpacks whilst hiking mountain trails, camping in the woodlands, exploring the coastlines.