I finally met my Seven Sisters


If you imagine climbing a mountain, even if you have experienced it already, imagination cannot give you the same sensation you get when you reach the bottom of it, ready to start. 

It is always new, a great emotion, a mix of excitement and fear.

This represents a great lesson, one that allows you to learn how to keep your dreams and hopes, embracing your inner soul, whilst at the same time making you ready to move on on the outside. To count on your own energies and determination to push forward.


People and places are strictly connected, always, even though in our time we don’t seem to spend much time thinking on it. There is always a piece of that land inside us, even before we know of the existence of it and, in the same way, there is always a part of us up there which belongs to the prime elements.

We are aware today that in the era we call Anthropocene, we continuously modify and shape the landscape. 

But very often we do not consider that there was a time, a long time, when the land shaped our minds.

It was a time when it was important for human beings to relate to all the aspects of the land. It was a fundamental thing to be able to find the way back ‘home’, something to eat, shelter, to escape from predators and dangers, to recognise and find a place into the land. In our entire existence we have spent more time with our backs toward the rock of a cave and our eyes to the woods. 

Of course, we do not strictly hold within us the entire experience of 150,000 years of Homo sapiens, but while I am writing, I realise that this is not entirely true: everyone of us has a feeling; the need for essentiality, for simplicity. Very often it becomes a frustration, a feeling of discomfort we are unable to define, when most of us spend our lives shuttling between concrete boxes, in a metal box on 4 wheels, looking at the world through a screen: a house window, a car window, the screen of a mobile phone or a television.


In that way I am moving toward a new experience, with the symbol of the cliffs that sit in the south of the mainland, seven new Sisters, the desire of sharing thoughts and feelings and the awareness about the importance of the solitude in our existence, as something fundamental to enable us to grow our deep truth and desires in the unique possible way.

Pietro Motisi


In the most intimate part of our soul we know that living life through a glass is not enough, that our nature has different and more actual, simple needs. And that to fulfil them we have to move outside of our ‘boxes’.

Suddenly we not longed have that protective shell, our body is outside; to the wind, with the sky as a roof and the raw ground under our feet. Then the other people, trees, animals and mountains become our brothers and sisters.

We realise then that all we need could be stored in a smaller box, one we carry on our shoulders, a small space conceived to cross wider spaces. 

Then we could start understanding that we are not more important than other things, that we are not the centre of everything, but an important part of it.

We can start to feel the emotions of the seasons, the smell of a tree and the emotional tiredness of our walk, and begin to reach the place of our heart and being able to see our next path.


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Pietro Motisi