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About Disappear Sewings


Inspired by Landscape, Built by Hands.

We are a brand of Handmade Leather Backpacks.

As a design brand we take our inspiration from the symbiosis between the natural lanscape and human ingenuity.

We aim to create and maintain a genuine feeling with our products, thanks to smart design and through the use of natural materials that are respectful of the environment.

We maintain pride in taking our time to design products that are built well, last long and waste less, as opposed to the trends of mass production.




Disappear Sewings is a backpacks brand with the dream of bringing adventure in everyday life.

With our products, we aim to move people closer to nature and empower them to regain their relationship with the outdoors. The design of our backpacks is our vehicle for bringing adventure in everyday life.

Our brand pairs skillful craftsmanship with smart contemporary designs that are focused on simplicity, versatility, durability and feel, using natural materials.

We go out of our way to produce long-lasting products that are built using responsibly-sourced natural materials that minimize waste.

They are manufactured by skilled artisans in Europe with the aim to reinvigorating a tradition that is in danger of dying out.

Founding Story

Disappear Sewing was born around the desire to express human creativity and ingenuinty through the use of natural materials and traditional artisan skills.

Pietro unintentionally started the brand back in 2012 after being asked by a friend to create a backpack for them.

That process sparked a period of intense research and refinement during which, Pietro’s skill, grew steadily.

In 2014, Pietro met Giuseppe as a customer. He had ordered a custom Walden XL for his travel and was fascinated by the beautiful designs as well as those backpacks being extremely sturdy and practical . Soon the pair became freinds and started thinking about transforming Disappear Sewings into a bigger reality.

A few years after, this transformed in more than 500 happy customers, three partnerships with retailers in Wien, Bolzano and Prague, and their own online retail platform. At this point they now have the knowledge of being at work on something with a lot of potential.

The Product

Our products are designed with essentiality in mind. Shapes and patterns are suggested by direct replies to usability questions. Strong and durable, comfortable, versatile, totally waterproof:

The Walden backpack is designed around changing environments, from the urban jungle to the great outdoors. It has an attitude towards adventure because the inspiration for its design comes from the landscape itself and our very own human interaction within it.

The concept is simple: every bag is conceived as a small space, made of essential natural and sustainable materials, as a tool to cross wider spaces in the outer world. All the reasons why the Walden backpack is our best-selling product.

Other products from other brands have an attractive design, but carry a delusion of expectations around the “feel” of the materials and the quality of the make. Many of our customers have continued to choose us instead, thanks to the high quality materials such as vegetable leather and heritage fabrics which make our backpacks even more special when touched and used. They are in love with the patina that our items naturally create over time.

Hi! Let me just say how much I like your work... You can almost really ‘smell’ the craftmanship.
— Roberta Barbaro, Italy - Customer.
I’ve just received my Walden!!! It’s incredibly beautiful, handy and light! Now I can really disappear within nature
— Malgorzata Tabaszewska, Poland - Customer.
Dear Disappear team, I sent you a wholesale inquiry last friday. Sorry if I’m pushing, but I am seriously in love with your bags…
— Stefanie Plattner - Wien, Austria - Owner @Packpony


Pietro Motisi

Co-Founder, Craftsman

Pietro is the original man behind the brand. He started Disappear Sewings back in 2013 as he grew interested in craftsmanship. With a fine art photography background and after being an intern at a blacksmith’s in southern Italy, he focused his efforts on leatherworking and started producing various prototypes of backpacks for himself, and later for his friends and family. Seeing a growing interest in his products, he decided to scale up and started perfecting his craft. He met Giuseppe as one of his customers and the pair soon became good friends. Having realised the potential for the brand they decided to open up a company and grow the business together in 2019.

Giuseppe Alaimo

Co-Founder, Business Development

Giuseppe’s background lies in the tech & entertainment industry.

After working in the Visual Effects and Animation Industry, He has had the opportunity to work in many successful London based startups, backed by multiple industry-leading venture capital firms.

This experience has lead him to aim to become an entrepreneur. Meeting Pietro in 2014 was a turning point, as the pair, now friends, soon decided to combine their skills to try and make Disappear Sewings a bigger reality.


Over the years Disappear Sewings has been featured on some online magazines. Below are some examples:


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Un giovane designer lancia il marchio "Disappear Sewings".

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