We are children of the landscape.


Our thoughts about Leather

Our considerations about sustainability cannot begin without first understanding our stance about the use of leather.

All bovine leathers globally are a direct result of the meat industry. This very simply means that leather is a by-product of breeding cattle for their meat or milk. The very same goes for all sheep, pig and goat leathers.

Today, supply of animal hide is largely outstripping demand. We are then faced with simple choice: we can either use the hides from the animals that are bred and killed for their meat, producing long lasting goods using a natural material that does not pollute our environment, or let these materials be burned, sent to a landfill and completely go to waste.

Craftsmanship is extremely important when considering the leather business. Hides don’t have a lot of monetary value when they leave an abattoir. Their value comes from highly skilled tanners who can transform that raw material in the high-performance and durable natural material that we know and use.

When we buy a hide, we take every care in making sure we can cut down on waste as much as possible, thus reducing the environmental impact of our production.

We maintain our focus on creating products that are going to last, that can be repaired, reused, rebuilt, refinished, resold and recycled. Our aim is to create work that lasts and adds value to people’s lives. This is also one of the reasons why we offer a lifetime repair warranty, so our leather products can be enjoyed for many, many years. Any leather or off-cuts that cannot be re-used, repaired, or upcycled in-house, we offer free, to artists or trainee leatherworkers for use in their projects or practices. All our other waste is recycled, with the minimum possible sent to landfill.

Organic Cotton

& Our Heritage Canvas Suppliers

We source our cotton canvas from time-honoured partners such as Halley Stevensons (Dundee, Scotland) and The British Millerain Co (Rochdale, England).

These companies have long histories and rich heritages that stretch all the way back to a couple of centuries ago and have established themselves among the best manufacturers of cotton canvas in the world.

We leverage their expertise and the quality of their products to raise the value of our own goods. Through their materials, we can manufacture objects that go against the trends of fast fashion and consumerism.


Every single one of our designs is meant to have a long life, being used, reused, stressed, maintained. We will never plan to sell you a new bag every time something wears off your old one.

We supply our products with detailed care instructions, so that these incredible and valuable materials, resulting from centuries of human mastery, can withstand the test of time and serve their purposes for decades to come.


Leveraging human experience.

The story of our brand begins with our designer, Pietro, in Sicily.

When he started Disappear Sewings years ago, he had to develop an experience. He did so by building and nurturing very strong relationships with skilled local artisans, suppliers of raw materials and experienced technical partners that have since been committed to our same values.

We know our artisans personally. These are the people who make it all possible.

By working in Italy, we ensure the continuation of trades, and the transmission of skills that stretch back generations.